Useful Inner Stance observations I

Power comes from production and not consumption.

A strong ego pushes through.

Logic stops you from doing dumb stuff.You don’t invest in stocks.

You invest in companies.

Knowing a bias doesn’t necessarily free you from it.

If you can’t be counted on, people will cancel your vote.

A theory is an assumption of reality that has yet to be proven.

Don’t give advice that isn’t asked for.

Zero to one will always be more difficult than one to seven.

The probable UDF is created by ongoing present time behaviors.

Naïve, weak, and harmless is synonymous with a disaster waiting to happen.

Assuming that a person will start doing what they never do is dangerous.

The unsaid and undone reveal a lot.

Saying all the right things is not power. It’s manipulation.

Emotional intelligence is not substance. It’s not depth.

No one loves or hates you. They love or hate who they perceive you to be.

People who rate high on agreeableness tend to be naïve.

Nothing lights up the future like a bridge burning behind you.

Skill without endurance soon becomes neutralized.

Most failures in life and business are the result of people doing what they want to do as opposed to what works.

Those who encourage you to normalize low standards and mediocre behaviors are not your friends.

Telling a smart person to stop using big words is as dumb as telling a stupid person to start using big words. It’s about conditions of the game.

Life is not about what you get.

It’s about who you create yourself to be.

Weak impulse control equates to a weak life.

Delivery is more influential than content.

Focus builds wealth. Distractions contribute to poverty.

Complaining fosters a lack of respect whether justified or not.

The most expensive things in life are often advertised as free.

Never take payment in niceness.

It’s safe to ignore most unsolicited feedback.

Virtue does not win respect. The ability to generate results does.

Drive and extreme competence are often mistaken as outliers.

High stress tolerance is the direct opposite of neuroticism.

Frames are a war of propaganda. You either absorb theirs or they absorb yours.

Women want to be wanted and not needed. Need destroys relationships.

You don’t have to tell people about your best thinking. They see how you live.

Knowing “the name of something” and “knowing something” are two different worlds.

Quality of life is Pareto distributed.

And that means most people live ineffective and desperate lives.

Motivation is worthless without doing necessary required actions.

The longer you take to get a result, the less they will believe you.

To be exceptional you must do exceptional things.

-Dusan Djukich