The old normal is dead

Many people long for the old normal before the pandemic appeared. What they don’t realize is that the old normal that they so desperately crave is impacting their experience of the current situation.

People who are desperate and struggling today simply never built themselves to deal with the existing challenges being experienced.

The old normal existed in a past present time.It’s always how you operate in the present that determines the future that you will occupy one day. Yes, your present way of operating is creating the future that you will experience. Once again, your future is created from your present ways of being and acting. People often don’t want to look at that but it is never the less true. So what you are expe riencing now is the future that was built from those past ways of being and resulting behaviors.

A lot of people don’t like this new normal. They have a lot of resistance to it. And an uncomfortable fact is that there are people who are prospering more now than ever. Confront what I’m saying. I know it might not feel good. It’s not fun. But being addicted to “feel good” and “fun” may have gotten you into the mess you’re in today.

When the pandemic showed up there were people who turned to porn and alcohol and literally destroyed their businesses and lives. And there were people who rose up and dealt with what they needed to deal with and moved on. Many people were crushed. And some people continued to generate powerful results. Many people were stopped. While others just kept walking.

The old normal where people engaged in PC thinking, fake outrage, excessive virtue signaling,and toxic self-absorbed social media posts is what gave many their current experience of life. Again, the old normal for many was built out of worth-less, destructive activities designed to produce a comfortable, selfish, feel good existence. It drained them of their power. It made them weak. Weak people are not able to effectively respond to difficult situations. They get desperate, frustrated, depressed, and even suicidal.

Those who built their lives to deal with chaotic environments have often been able to providenew and empowering opportunities to others in need. The old normal for many was weak, fragile, and toxic. Sure there were certain parts of the old normal that were useful. It’s fine to learn from use-ful past ways of being and behaviors and take them with you. After all, life is about observing what works and doing more of it. It’s also about observing what doesn’t work and stopping it in its tracks.

So get this: the only new future normal you will live in will be created by who you are being and what you do in this present moment. Being fiercely capable will be your new normal if you create it in that manner. It will give you a powerful future. And you will create it in this present moment. Or you won’t. You will have to choose. Life is about awareness and choice.

Building a new normal from the ashes of a weak, comfortable, and corrupted past will only give you afuture of more of the same. Make being fiercely capable your new normal.

-Dusan Djukich