Make your life matter

Most people don’t have the sense that their lives matter.

They tend to compensate for this by living “pretend” lives on social media and other venues.

The default response to this dilemma is to try to fix themselves by gathering more information, buying some nice shiny stuff, or deploying escape strategies such as taking vacations that they can’t afford. In other words, distractive activities. Distractive activities will not give you a life that matters.

People who don’t matter often jump from job to job, relationship to relationship, business venture to business venture without relief. It’s frustrating. Frustration often leads to desperation which in turn can lead to depression.

They tend to give up on things like being happy or dealing with life’s challenges.They give up and will not admit to giving up.They settle for a life of going through the motions.

The solution is to build a life that matters.This may sound too simple for some and impossible for others.Resignation can be a powerful force in shutting down possibilities.So you have to start starting or you will be stuck forever.

Try this:

Create a significant purpose for your life.

Not a lame one. Not a fantasy one. But a significant purpose.

A significant purpose is something that will make a real difference.

A significant purpose will have considerable value for others.

Do it in the next 24 hours.

I didn’t say to go find a significant purpose.

That won’t work.Stop thinking it to death. Stop figuring it out.

If you create a significant purpose that is not a good match for you, you will know it soon enough. You can create a new one at that time.

Do it now. Move.

Next, confront and handle the knowledge base and skill sets you will have to develop in order to fulfill your significant purpose. Competence is an obvious requirement for the achievement of a significant purpose or any other worthwhile undertaking. A significant purpose is just another name for a big and/or difference making impact you want to create.

Once you understand what’s actually required to execute on your significant purpose, get radically honest with yourself as to your level of commitment in creating it.Commitment is the driving force.Without a sincere commitment nothing happens.

There is nothing so unworkable and disempowering as to take on a significant purpose that you are not committed to achieving.

Operating from a significant purpose that you are committed to bringing into existence will handle all your acquisition goals and bucket lists.

So don’t wait.

Make your life matter.

-Dusan Djukich