It’s not other people’s fault

It’s not other people’s fault if:

They ’re smarter than you.

They ’re richer than you.

They ’re more competent than you.

They ’re faster than you.

They ’re more articulate than you.

Envy and denial are not effective strategies in dealing with an average life.

What you can do to strengthen yourself is to:

Unflinchingly tell the truth about where you are in life.

Unflinchingly tell the truth regarding exactly how you got to where you are.

Bracket any victim stories you may have.

Bracket any unworkable IWD.

Clarify a significant impact you want to make in life.

Make your significant impact your endgame.

Generate any necessary competencies to deliver on that endgame.

Distinguish a potent action that would move your life forward toward your endgame.

Do “that” action.Don’t think about doing the action.

Don’t talk about doing the action.

Just do the damn action.

Make corrections as necessary.

Repeat until you win.

It’s useful not to compare yourself with toxic self-absorbed people and the often fake lives they post on social media.

Focusing on amateur Kardashian insanity is a huge distraction and waste of time.

Stay true to yourself.

-Dusan Djukich