Fighting for your life

If you ask someone if they fight for their life you will often get a blank stare.
They might say, “Why should I? I’m not being attacked.”
They might say, “Are the Russians invading?”

And yet, there are those people who are driven, who live life on a different plane, that completely get what you are asking. They just nod. It’s like, “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” Another response might be, “Yes I fight for my life. I do it because I’m alive.” To a driven person it’s almost a silly question.And if we are honest, most people are either just going through the motions trying to pay their billsor are trying to achieve some effect goals. Driven people have built themselves differently. They know there are two types of lives they can possibly live.

The first is an inherited life. It’s the one you get by being born. It’s mainly an indoctrinated life. It’s often a life that is not that fulfilling. Despite this, an indoctrinated, inherited life is easily tolerated by many. Although physical slavery is at an all-time low, mental slavery is at an all-time high. It’s beensaid that birds born in cages think that flying is an unhealthy obsession. It could also be noted thatpeople operating from fixed identities think that fighting for your life is a ridiculous idea.

The second type of life is a created life. A created life is a life done on purpose. It has to be createdevery day. It has to be fought for.

A created life is intentionally spoken into existence and lived.
A created life requires a great deal of integrity to maintain.
A created life is not for the faint-hearted.

A driven person realizes that the only life they will ever experience as their own is the life that theycreate and fight for. A driven person doesn’t explain, make excuses, or apologize. They simply fight for their life. They do it because it’s simply who they are.

A created life is a powerful life. The opposite of a powerful life is a fearful, boring, desperate life. A life where there’s always something missing. A created life makes what was previously impossible, now possible. End of story.

Some people will still read this and ask, “But why should I do that? It sounds like a lot of work to me.” And that’s fine. It says a lot about where they are coming from as a person. It’s not bad. It’s just not powerful. A person’s judgements will always say more about themselves than the thing they are judging. So why don’t more people fight for their lives?

The first answer usually revolves around the idea that they feel they don’t matter. If a person doesn’t matter, “Why would they ever want to fight for their life?” When a person experiences themselves as someone that doesn’t matter they usually become apathetic in the area of cause.

They don’t play to win. They play not to lose. They play to slide by.They pretend that they are happy with the way things are.They go through the motions trying to make the best of a bad situation.They tend to live a life where they experience the external world doing things to them and they don’t have much say in the matter.

Another possibility is that they don’t live a purposeful existence. There is no significant impact that they choose to make. When a person experiences themselves as someone who doesn’t matter, producing a self-created significant impact is something that would never occur to them.

So you have to choose between an inherited life or a created life that you say is worth living. The latter requires you creating yourself as someone who matters and someone who intentionally creates a significant impact that you choose to bring into existence.

If the above criteria are met you will have a life worth fighting for.

-Dusan Djukich