Useful Inner Stance observations II

Most people want.

Few are willing to do. And that’s okay.

The average person needs less food, sleep, and approval.

“This ends now” is what will make a difference.

Use regret to rise up and not to justify staying stuck.

A sincere commitment isn’t a concept or a theory. It’s a verb.

Dabbling will never grant you happiness.

Compulsive thinking will never grant you success.

Reasonableness will never grant you dignity.

A deep inner peace is created and not found.

If you won’t call it what it is, you will never get to the source of it.

Ignore attempts at virtue signaling.

Ignore attempts at artificially constructed closeness.

Ignore people who can’t say yes and won’t say no.

Ignore people who encourage you to lower your standards.

Ignore people who put forth a fake Zen master act.

Those who will not re-create themselves as necessary are condemned to live in cages.

At the end of the day, it’s a game of commitment, integrity, and dealing with fear.

Powerful relationships are created, not found.

Holding back cuts the legs out of everything. It kills life.

Stop seeking secrets to success. Start creating a life that matters.

What’s missing is not an unanswered question. It’s an Inner Stance that was never created.

Repeating the observations listed on this document won’t change your life. Living them will.

Those who chronically struggle think that positive thinking is actually rising up.

A pinball machine mentality will always be a problem.

It’s irresponsible to state an opinion as if it were a fact.

You live the life you tolerate.

Never apologize for your presence. Never subtract yourself.

Amateurs effort hard. The driven make it look easy.

Never generalize from a specific.

Real power is choosing who you are going to be regardless of the circumstances.

Either go Alpha or stay in your head justifying your life.

You are either doing, not doing, or pretending that you are doing.

The judgements you make say more about you than the things and people you’re judging.

Stop talking about your potential. Your potential and three dollars will get you a cup of coffee.

Authentic transformation is always vertical and never circular.

The real moment of truth comes when you truly “get” that no one can cause you to live small but you.

A person will usually obey the loudest voice in their head regardless of what it’s saying.

A coach is not a friend. A coach is a catalyst. A client is not a friend. A client is a change agent.

If you can’t hold frame you will lose.

Getting to the source of something is not positive thinking. It’s getting to the source of something.

In or out often works. Half-ass never works.

-Dusan Djukich