Those who refuse to rise

Do not take someone seriously who doesn’t expand.

Expansion is a direct result of the number of growth choices one executes in life.

Don’t believe their propaganda.

Don’t get sucked into their drama.

Ignore their ongoing excuses.

Don’t make their problems, your problems.

The individual’s results will lay bare what their real priorities are.

You can always count on someone to do their unworkable patterns until they choose to give up the payoffs (benefits) that they have been actively embracing instead.

Unbelievably, living a stronger, faster, more intelligent, expansive life is actually seen as a threat to some.

And worst of all, they often expect others to tolerate their helpless behaviors.

It’s vital to admit that some people are an expense to you and not an asset.

Don’t operate as though people are scarce.

It’s best to sort people who are not a good match for you out of your life, or at the very least, greatly lower your expectations of them.

-Dusan Djukich